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Toronto Sun, August 31, 2014.
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"By design, the Marvel universe on film is bigger than any one actor. I truly believe that as good as they are, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans could bow out of their respective franchises and you could still get more CAPTAIN AMERICA or THOR movies. In fact, a change seems inevitable at some point. But I truly think Downey Jr is the only guy that could ever play Tony Stark. He’s the anchor for the entire Universe, bringing a cheeky charisma to the films that’s tough to replicate (although Chris Pratt has a lot of potential on that score) and I couldn’t imagine an AVENGERS movie without him.

Arguably, he made the Marvel films what they are today, with him injecting so much of his own personality into Stark that the movies played to a wider-audience than they would have otherwise. He brought in a whole new group on moviegoers (specifically non comic-book fans) that ended up sticking with the various franchises well beyond THE AVENGERS to the point that the Marvel audience is arguably the broadest of any franchise going today, which is why all the films are so huge. Kids, teens, young adults, parents, these days everyone seems into Marvel and that simply would never have happened without Downey Jr’s big-time charisma and tireless promotion of even the Marvel films he’s not involved in.”

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TORONTO SUN: TIFF 2014 - Robert Downey Jr. interview

"Robert Downey Jr. is a man who has seen the shadow of death and lived. Not just to talk about it, but to do something creative with the experience. So, with the debut of The Judge as the opening night Gala at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 4, with the debut of his first daughter coming in November, with a skein of other amazing things happening for him from the continuing adventures of Iron Man to on-going work for a new Sherlock Holmes sequel, these are the best of times."

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IO DONNA - August 30, 2014

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“Listen, he got there [to sobriety] on his own. When I met him, I had no intention of falling for him. He was an actor, I had a real job. But there was a connection. I’ve always been very focused and very driven in how I live my life. And I was very clear with him that I wasn’t on board for a roller coaster of drama and ridiculousness. So if he wanted to go on this ride together, he was going to have to clean up his act. That was a choice he made. There was nothing I could do.”

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Robert Downey Jr., The Toronto Star, (August 28, 2014)

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Rober Downey Jr - The Judge - People Magazine
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Rober Downey Jr - The Judge - People Magazine

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The Judge - Empire Magazine  - October 2014

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