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On the Set: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law talk ‘Sherlock Holmes’

The script, director Guy Ritchie and the actors put a 21st century spin on the 19th century sleuth.

By Eric Pape, Special to the Los Angeles Times November 6, 2011

Reporting from Didcot,— This much is clear: It’s 1891, a year after their first adventure, and the great English detective and Dr. Watson are facing off with Professor Moriarty, a mysterious, peripheral character from their initial blockbuster.

Ask the creative forces behind “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” for more details on the new Robert Downey Jr. movie, due in theaters Dec. 16, and you’ll find tight lips. But the set here, a 40-minute train trip west from London, was rife with clues last winter.

They included two awesomely large German cannons (referred to as Big Berthas), a firefight involving a pair of dubious-looking French twins, and a handful of Gypsies, including a beautiful young gunslinger Sim (Noomi Rapace, of Stieg Larrson’s “Millennium trilogy” films).
Jude Law is back as Watson, Guy Ritchie is again directing, and on this particular day on frigid tracks outside of the Didcot train museum, Holmes’ head was scuffed up, his handshake bloody.

So what’s happening?

"Well clearly," Downey said laughing and gesturing to Law, "he’s the one who just rescued me."

Like their Holmes-Watson characters, Downey and Law make complementary interview partners: Law plays the thoughtful professional actor, while Downey is more of a sassy, exuberant ham.

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(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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