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Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black to feature on NAMM’s “Wanna Play?” PSA Ads to air on Super Bowl Sunday.

NAMM’s National Wanna Play Campaign to Showcase Public Service Announcements at Super Bowl XLVI Campaign
Supporters Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black Will Encourage 250,000 Potential Music Makers from Digital HD Screens at Lucas Oil Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday Generating an Estimated 800,000 Views 
The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) today announced that its popular Wanna Play? television public service announcements (PSAs) featuring actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black will run during the Super Bowl game on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.
The spots feature the celebrities talking about why they play music and why it’s a fun and beneficial activity for players and potential players of all ages. The pair of 15-second Wanna Play? PSAs will run for 15 hours this weekend approximately eight times per hour on multiple screens during the Super Bowl.
"We’re so excited to have a NAMM presence at the Super Bowl!" said Vanessa Wojtala, director of programming/events, Grazie Media, the company that organizes content for the Super Bowl screens,. "Our organization feels that NAMM"s presence at the Super Bowl will instantly connect with the audience through celebrities like Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr’s message asking them to consider playing a musical instrument."
NAMM’s Wanna Play? is a national public awareness campaign designed to connect people of all ages with the pleasures and benefits of playing music. For more information about the campaign, visit or “Like” the campaign page on Facebook at

(Source: NAMM)

Note: You can watch RDJ’s old “Wanna Play?” ad here - Youtube.
Note: I’m not sure if whether these ads will air only at Lucas Oil Stadium screens or if they’ll air on television nationally.

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