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Downey’s Iron Man shows team spirit in ‘Avengers’

— “While it’s an all-star cast, Downey’s the mega-star. But unlike the diva moments among Stark and some of the other alpha dogs of the Avengers, there was no big-footing among the performers, according to the actors and director Joss Whedon.”

— “’It was like a complicated pregnancy,’ Downey said. ‘What was fun, this bit of WWE superhero tag-team wrestling, is where Hemsworth’s all beat up and he’s been shooting nights, and my character’s got the helmet closed, so I’m not there. Then he’s flying home to be with the missus, and I’m coming in to do a bunch of scenes with Ruffalo. I think everybody really bought into the spirit of the thing.’”

— On Iron Man 3: “He won’t disclose details, but Downey said the next installment is a ‘sort of storytelling that’s really in Shane’s wheelhouse, which is it doesn’t need to be quite as linear, and Tony definitely is brought out of his comfort zone. So there’s a lot of travel in this.’”

— “A third “Sherlock Holmes” movie also is in the works, with Downey’s great detective expected to travel to North America this time.”

— After Iron Man 3: “It’s uncertain whether Downey will be back as Stark after “Iron Man 3,” either in another solo film or a second “Avengers” tale. With his fourth Marvel flick getting under way, though, Downey said he feels he has a vested interest in the superhero business.

'It’s dumb not to be open to possibilities, you know?' Downey said. 'I kind of almost feel like a shareholder in the company, even sometimes more than an actor in the movies.'”

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(Source: Associated Press, via Salon)
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