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LIke a CNN newsfeed, only sexier. The latest news, projects, and random bits involving Robert Downey Jr. -- actor, husband, father, part-time wizard.

Which makes Robert Downey Jr.’s triumph in our Double Bill of “Chaplin” even more astounding. This soul-shifting portrayal is not only the thing, it transcends the thing – and is one of the most amazing performances of the last 25 years. Watching this again, I’m reminded and relieved about the cultural tragedies that didn’t happen. We lost Hendrix, but Dylan did walk away from that motorcycle accident. And the spiral of personal disintegration before and after “Chaplin” almost claimed Robert Downey. But luckily, we got him back.

In “Chaplin,” Downey incarnates Chaplin, not only pulling off the pathos and the genius, but also the slapstick physical genius that lay at the heart of Chaplin’s art. Beautifully shot by Sven Nykvist, Downey is riveting in every single scene, despite being saddled by a Bio 101 screenplay and the ever noble intentions of Attenborough.

Just how good was Downey’s in “Chaplin”? So good that he lost the Oscar to Al Pacino’s insufferable “Hoo-ahh” performance in “Scent of a Woman.”

No wonder Downey went back on drugs.
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