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John Taylor to receive honor from Writers In Treatment and New Directions for Women; Robert Downey Jr. to present

Duran Duran’s John Taylor will receive the “Experience, Strength, and Hope Award” from Writers In Treatment and New Directions for Women on Friday, February 15, 2013.  Ed Begley Jr. will host the evening and Robert Downey Jr. will present the highest honor.

The night is a charity event during which sobriety and clean-living are celebrated, along with the importance of humor in the whole recovery process.
INFO: Writers In Treatment (site) is a non-profit organization whose “primary purpose is to save lives through promoting and providing ‘treatment’ as the best first step solution for addiction, alcoholism, and other self-destructive behaviors.”  New Directions for Women (site) is a drug and alcohol treatment provider that offers to women, pregnant women, and women with children rehab services and addiction detox.

(Source: Writers In Treatment)

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