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Bill Rosendahl and Robert Downey Jr. hang out, discuss issues in private

Bill Rosendahl is the outgoing Los Angeles city councilmember representing District 11.

From LAist:

Rosendahl, who will not be seeking a third term due to cancer treatment, and the 47-year-old Iron Man himself sat down at the councilman’s Mar Vista home this week to discuss homeless issues in Venice. They were joined by L.A. Councilmember-elect Mike Bonin, Rosendahl’s nephew and friend, Flat Stanley, and Venice Boardwalk legend Swami X. Rosendahl also offered up some of his acclaimed eggs, produced by his very own chickens in his very own back yard.
[…] Rosendahl has long fought to battle the homeless situation in the area. Earlier this year the councilman and local services agency Venice Community Housing Corp. launched Check-in Storage, a pilot program designed to provide individuals with a place to store their belongings for a week at a time. The program was set to end March 1, according to the L.A. Times
[…] We don’t have the specifics on what the men discussed, but we do know “they are developing a wonderful working relationship,” says Rosendahl’s office. We also know they have an affinity for giving the thumbs-up.
Rosendahl invited and introduced RDJ to light the Venice sign for the city’s inaugural holiday event, during which he mentioned the actor’s extensive engagement with rehab projects to help those with substance addiction.
Photos are from Mr. Rosendahl’s Flickr account.

(Source: LAist)

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