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Robert Downey Jr.’s birthday card from Beijing sets a world record.

"There was plenty for Robert Downey Jr. to celebrate over the weekend, after the Hollywood film star was presented with a record-breaking birthday card during a visit to China.

Robert, who turned 48 on April 4, was handed a card featuring 5,339 fans signatures at the Forbidden City in Beijing, where he was attending the premiere for super hero sequel Iron Man 3.

The film star was also presented with a Guinness World Records certificate confirming that the gift had set a new record for the most contributions to a greetings card, beating the previous record of 4,347 achieved by Churchill Insurance (UK) in October 2012.

Chinese fans, including celebrities Huang Xiaoming and Downey’s Iron Man 3 co-star Wang Xueqi, were keen to demonstrate their affection for the actor who was making his first visit to the country. 

Upon receiving the certificate, Robert said “I collect modern arts and I consider this the most recent addition to my collection”

“Thank you China for this amazing display of the culture and thank you for making me feel so welcome. This is unforgettable”.

Set for release around the world next month, Iron Man 3 is the latest movie in the series of films featuring the Marvel comic book hero.

It was partly shot in the Beijing and features Chinese A-lister Xueqi in the role of the villainous Dr. Wu.”

(Source: Guinness World Records)

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