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Robert Downey Jr. surprises kids at an Iron Man 3 screening

"Actor Robert Downey Jr. played the hero Monday night, making an unannounced cameo at a special screening of “Iron Man 3,” co-hosted by Disney and the Daily News to honor teens from the Police Athletic League who volunteered to clean up Hurricane Sandy-ravaged areas around the city.

When his name was announced the 39 honored teens - as well as the several hundred fellow PAL members and family who thronged the gargantuan theater in Manhattan’s E-walk multiplex — the cheers and squeals were defeaning from the shocked crowd.

“I’m from New York and Tony Stark’s from New York, so I guess that means Iron Man’s from New York,” the actor, looking like a rock star in a white tuxedo jacket, sunglasses and silver sneakers, told the crowd.

Downey had wanted to keep the visit a secret — to see the look of surprise on the kids’ faces.

"I’m just out of words," said Corey Fitchett, 18, one of the real-life heroes being honored, after the screening. "It definitely shows he cares about volunteers and the community."

This bit of PR clearly meant a little more to Downey.

“Of course,” he said, “it’s my hometown.”

“Everywhere we drive, I have a memory of playing Frisbee in front of that office building or trying to sneak into the back door of a ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ midnight showing, because I knew someone who was working concessions,” he added.”

(read the whole article)

(Source: NY Daily News)

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