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More stills from The Avengers.

(Source: FuelVFX)

Screencaps frorm the latest TV spot for The Avengers.

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The Avengers, behind the scenes.

(Source: Los Angeles Times; read the article at the source)

Review from the April 14 fan screening→

"Avengers is nothing short of amazing, but that’s still selling this movie short. It is the perfect summer movie- wall to wall action, huge characters, and tons of fun. I have never heard an audience break into applause so many times in any movie as this. I personally had at least 5 “F@#$ YEAH!!!” moments of sheer joy. I say “at least” because I stopped counting I was having so much fun."

(Source: Big Shiny Robot)

First long review for The Avengers.→

"Overall, Avengers Assemble is by far the most spectacular superhero ever made in terms of a visual extravagance, and is truly something that has been worth waiting for and it’s the Marvel equivalence to Nolan’s Batman. In final words prepare for something that is truly indescribable as your theatres roars in applause…  Joss Whedon has officially created every fan boy’s dream."

(Source: MovieWeb)