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If you’re undecided as to which version of The Avengers DVD or Blu-ray should you get, here’s a nifty table from that compares the different versions available.

(The special 10-disc Avengers Blu-ray set has been temporarily pulled from the market but will be on sale some time in spring 2013.)

The Avengers will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in North America in two weeks (September 25).

(Source: Amazon)

The Avengers hits $1.5 billion worldwide, ends summer in style.

Over the weekend, Disney re-released The Avengers in select theaters across the US, earning $1.7M and upping its domestic total to $619.5M.

Overseas it has earned $874M. It was released in Japan two weeks, where it has already earned $28M.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

The Avengers to return this Labor Day weekend at your local North American theaters for a one-week engagement.

Check your local cinemas for air times.

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Other Vulture rankings.→

In other subcategories of Vulture’s rankings list, RDJ was

  • #28 in “Tabloid Target”
  • #15 in “Critics’ Score”
  • #14 in “Magazine Covers”
  • #11 in the “Most Respected”
  • #4 in “Domestic Box Office” and “Overseas Box Office”
  • #2 in “Studio Favorite”
  • #2 in “International Star”
  • #1 in “Studio Value”
  • #1 in “Most Valuable Comedy Stars”
  • #1 in “Most Valuable Action Stars”

The general list also includes fellow Avengers Chris Hemsworth (#21), Jeremy Renner (#57), Scarlett Johansson (#71), and Chris Evans (#90).

ALSO: here’s the methodology that Vulture used in creating this list.

The Avengers on Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack as well as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack — September 25th, 2012:

Special features:

  • Disney’s Second Screen feature
  • Commentary by Joss Whedon
  • Behind-the-scenes featurettes:
    • Assembling the Ultimate Team
    • A Visual Journey
  • Marvel One Shot: Item 47 short film
  • Deleted/extended scenes:
    • Alternate opening: “Maria Hill Interrogation”
    • “Loki and Barton Strategize” (Extended)
    • “Steve Rogers: Man Out of Time”
    • “Nick Fury and World Security Council”
    • Extended viaduct fight (w/raw footage)
    • “Fury and Hill Discuss the World Security Council”
    • “Banner and Security Guard” (Extended)
    • Alternate ending: “Maria Hill Interrogation”
  • Gag reel
  • Soundgarden’s “Live to Rise” music video

(Source: Flix66)

The French and German blu-ray release date for The Avengers is scheduled for August 25 (French) and September 30 (German).

The US release date is likely to fall around the same time frame.


The Avengers: Box office factoids.

  • Biggest domestic opening weekend of all time.
  • Fastest film to reach $200M (3 days).
  • Highest Saturday of all time: $69.7M.
  • 8th biggest midnights opening.
  • Biggest superhero midnights debut.
  • Passed total domestic cume for Captain America and Thor.
  • Passed international box office totals of Captain America ($192M), Iron Man ($266.7M), Thor ($268.3M), and Iron Man 2 ($311.5M) in 12 days of release. 
  • Biggest opening weekend of all time in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Central America, Peru, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines.
  • Biggest Marvel opening weekend in Russia (May 3): $17.9M.
  • Passed the global box office totals of Captain America ($364M) and Thor ($449M) and Iron Man ($585M) and Iron Man 2 ($624M) combined.
  • Highest grossing opening weekend in IMAX’s history
  • Global cume estimate: $641.8M
  • Crossed the $600M global box office threshold today after just 12 days of release.
  • Cinema Score: A+
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 94% positive reviews
  • Audience: 50% over 25, 50% under 25; 60% male, 40% female; 55% couples, 24% family, 21% teens.

(Source: Deadline)

The Avengers is expected to set the opening weekend record with somewhere between $185M-$200M, even bigger than the projected $175M from yesterday.

The previous record-holder was set last year by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 at $169M.

(Source: Deadline, ERC Box Office)

Box Office Report: ‘Avengers’ Smashes Records With $178.4 Mil Foreign Debut

Joss Whedon’s tentpole scores the biggest opening weekend in numerous Latin American markets and nabs the top opening ever for a superhero pic in the U.K.

Disney and Marvel Studios’ The Avengers is doing superhero-like business overseas, debuting to a massive $178.4 million as it rolled out in 39 markets across the globe.

Avengers — directed by Joss Whedon — doesn’t open for another week in North America.

The tentpole opened No. 1 in all 39 territories, and posted the biggest opening weekend ever in key Latin American markets including Mexico ($15.9 million) and Brazil ($11.3 million).

In the U.K., Avengers debuted to $24.7 million, the biggest opening ever for a superhero title, as well as Disney’s biggest three-day opening. The 3D movie grossed $19.7 million in Australia, the second highest opening ever.

Avengers showed strength across all continents. In Asia, it posted the highest opening weekends in history in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines (where Saturday was the highest grossing day of all time).

Avengers also rolled out in India, where Disney says it enjoyed the third highest opening for a Western film.

Looking ahead, Avengers has plenty of punch left, considering it only rolled out in 70 percent of the international marketplace and has yet to touch down in China or Russia, where it lands next weekend. And it doesn’t open in Japan until August.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

The Avengers at the international box-office:

On its opening Wednesday release, the film earned $17.1 million from 10 countries.  By its second day of release, it has earned $36M total.
  • It earned $6.2M from Australia on its first day Wednesday, the second-highest ever after the last Harry Potter film.
  • Its opening in the UK drew $4.1M, the third-highest ever after Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.
  • It set the highest opening-day records in Taiwan and New Zealand, third-highest in South Korea and Argentina, highest 2012 opening day in Germany.
  • It’s on track to be the highest-grossing film of all time in the Philippines.

(Source: DeadlineHollywood Reporter, Chicago Tribune, Inquirer Philippines)