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Robert Downey Jr.: Is he a prisoner of his franchises? 

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Since the first Iron Man film was released in 2008, Robert Downey Jr. has appeared in three films that are not related to a franchise. Last October, we learned that Robert Downey Jr. has been approached to star as Perry Mason, the adaptation of a television series from the 1950s-1960s (and before that, novels of the 1930s) that followed a lawyer who fought impossible cases. There has been no news of the project since but if Downey Jr. accepts the leading role, he will be headlining three separate franchises: Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and Perry Mason.

When you look at his filmography, one notices that after Iron Man in 2008, the actor has only done three original films: Tropic Thunder (2008), The Soloist (2009) and Due Date (2010). It’s still three films in three years, but when compared to the consequences of spin - he has done seven projects over five years!

We have seen him in Sherlock Holmes in 2009. The second film comes out in France this Wednesday; the third film was already being written even before A Game of Shadows was released in the United States. And guess who’s writing Sherlock Holmes 3? The writers of Iron Man 3.

After a brief appearance in The Incredible Hulk (as Tony Stark), he donned his red-yellow suit again for Iron Man 2 (2010). The Avengers will be released in April followed by Iron Man 3, scheduled for May 2013. It’s starting to be a bit much, right?

Attached to these films by contract, Robert Downey Jr. cannot refuse to appear in these sequels. After all that, he might appear in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Gepetto but as with Perry Mason, nothing is official. At a time of writing this article, the next film by Robert Downey Jr is a sequel or a franchise film, a schedule which already extends to 2013.

Has Robert Downey Jr. become a prisoner of his franchises?  He, who bounced back (largely thanks to Iron Man, for that matter) after years in the wilderness, has seemingly sunk into a routine which might end up boring viewers. After a disappointing start in the US for A Game of Shadows, we are entitled to ask the question. It opened to almost two times worse than the first film, released in December 2009 and against Avatar! And even abroad, the second Sherlock Holmes film was not always a success, as in Germany, where the film was beaten when it was released by Intouchables.

By May 2013, he may have time to sign for another project, but by juggling Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and The Avengers, will he end up going in circles?


NOTE: A Game of Shadows opened in the US with $40M (vs. $62M of Sherlock Holmes and which was also ideally released on Christmas Day), part of the reason of which is attributed to the box-office slump of late last year. Ever since, it has performed comparatively as well as the first film, currently standing at $178M in the US and will likely finish at $190M (vs. Sherlock Holmes' 209M).
NOTE: Internationally, AGoS is currently outpacing the first film by 33% and is expected to outdo Sherlock Holmes’ $315M international gross.
NOTE: France’s Intouchables topped AGoSin Germany — at that point, AGoS has been released in the country for four weeks. In Germany, AGoS has already earned more than the first Sherlock Holmes film.

OFFICIAL: Iron Man 3 to shoot in North Carolina

The third installment of Marvel Studios’ Iron Man franchise is setting up shop in North Carolina. EUE/Screen Gems and North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue announced in a press conference Thursday that the studios’ Wilmington outpost will host the bulk of the film’s production …

Iron Man 3 marks the largest production to come to Wilmington, which has previously hosted films such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and 28 Days and the television series Dawson’s Creek.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

Note: Production starts in “early 2012” and rumored to last for ten months. RDJ has said in an interview that he starts shooting IM3 in summer 2012.

Warner Bros., Downey team for ‘Perry Mason’ Duo to relaunch franchise as a feature film


Warner Bros. and Team Downey are teaming to relaunch the “Perry Mason” franchise as a feature film, with Robert Downey Jr. eyeing the title defense attorney role as a potential starring vehicle. Like the original series of books by Erle Stanley Gardner, “Perry Mason” will be set in the rough and tumble world of early 1930s Los Angeles, and feature fan favorites such as Mason’s secretary, Della Street, private investigator Paul Drake, and Mason’s longtime courtroom nemesis, Hamilton Burger.

Team Downey principals Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey will produce with Robert Cort, while David Gambino, Eric Hetzel and Joe Horacek will exec produce with Susan Feiles and Chris Darling.

The producers are currently looking for a writer, whose script will be based on an original story by Robert Downey Jr. and Gambino. WB exec Jon Berg will oversee the project for the studio.  

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(Source: Variety)