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Fandango Hot List 2014:  Robert Downey Jr.

In an annual year-end poll conducted by Fandango with its users, Robert Downey Jr. is named the fourth sexiest man in the movies for the upcoming year of 2014.  

2014 marks the first time in six years in which Robert Downey Jr.: (1) does not have a franchise film coming out, and (2) has only one major lead role (that is a non-blockbuster one).

He has made the same list for the past five years — in 20132012, 2011, and 2010

(Source: Fandango)

Quigley Publishing’s Top Ten Money-Making Stars of 2013

Robert Downey Jr. was ranked #7 in Quigley Publishing’s annual poll of money-making stars, up three places from last year when he was #10.  Jennifer Lawrence was #1.

The poll makes the distinction and is based on which actors and actresses draw movie-goers into the theaters based on their presence, as opposed to simply being in a hit film by circumstance.  From Quigley’s website:

"The Quigley poll asks movie theater owners and film buyers to vote for the 10 stars they believe generated the most box-office revenue for their cinemas during the year. The ranking draws a distinction between stars who happen to appear in hit films and those who voters believe actually cause audiences to come to their theaters."

RDJ has featured in Quigley’s top ten poll consecutively over the last six years, with his highest showing being #2 back in 2008.  Last year he placed at #10 with only one film released (The Avengers). As with this year, he also only had one film released (Iron Man 3).

[last year’s post]

(Source: Quigley, press release)

Robert Downey Jr. turns down selection for "Most Fascinating People"→

Robert Downey Jr. reportedly declined being featured on Barbara Walters’ annual “Ten Most Fascinating People” list this year. Other people who turned down the opportunity as well include Jay Z and Kristen Stewart.

Other Vulture rankings→

Robert Downey Jr. is ranked #1 for a second year in a row on Vulture’s 100 Most Valuable Stars of 2013 [see 2012 ranking]

He has gone from being “The Comeback Kid” (2012) to “The King” (2013):

INTRO: "The Avengers grossed over $1.5 billion last year worldwide, cementing Marvel’s superheroes as Hollywood’s biggest franchise. While 2012’s supergroup gave Marvel its biggest hit by far, Stan Lee’s creations have all proved reliably huge on their own; the lowest-grossing entry, Captain America: The First Avenger, still made $370.6 million worldwide. All the actors behind the various heroes are now safely tied to a major worldwide craze that promises to last — and yet these stars’ value outside of the Marvel universe varies wildly. Most non–Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. films are a major draw, but do Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Chris Evans (Captain America) attract audiences out of uniform? In a national awareness survey by the company E-Score, only 22 percent of those polled could I.D. Hemsworth (Thor) by name or face, and for Evans it was 18 percent. (Downey lands at 69 percent.) One can’t imagine such low awareness scores for the original Star Wars cast back in the seventies and eighties."

"Remaining at the top of the list for the second year in a row is Robert Downey Jr., whose box office power is indisputable after Avengers and Iron Man 3 led all moneymakers for the last two years, respectively. (He keeps a second hit franchise, Sherlock Holmes, in his back pocket, and can even make a mediocre comedy like Due Date into a worldwide hit.)"


RDJ WRITE UP: "Can there be any doubt that Robert Downey Jr. should be sitting pretty at the top of this list for two years in a row? He’s the star of two of the top five highest-grossing movies of all time — The Avengers, which brought in $1.5 billion worldwide, and Iron Man 3, which took in $1.2 billion — and unlike other comic-book heroes who could be recast at the drop of a hat (and often are), Downey Jr. is so synonymous with Tony Stark that when he decided not to make any more Iron Man movies for the time being, Marvel basically put the megafranchise on pause in the hopes that he’ll change his mind. (Whereas Warner Bros. promptly installed Ben Affleck as Batman just as soon as Christian Bale hung up his cowl.) Don’t worry, though: Downey Jr. did decide to sign on for two more Avengers sequels, so he’s hardly done with his most iconic character.

But Downey Jr. is more than just Iron Man — in fact, he’s got another lucrative franchise, Sherlock Holmes, and has starred in two hit comedies since his career resurgence, Tropic Thunder and Due Date. His appeal is off the charts, and he has a studio rating third only to Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio’s. And he’s managed his stardom with grace and good humor, a remarkable turnaround from the drug-fueled days when he was an uninsurable lost boy. Next up for Downey Jr. is The Judge, a dramedy where he plays a lawyer representing his town judge father (Robert Duvall) in a murder case; the movie is a gratifying change of pace for Downey Jr. and a savvy acknowledgment that audiences will now expect more from him than just quippy action movies. And beyond that, there’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will surely bring in a box-office take that rivals the GDP of most nations. That’s why Robert Downey Jr. is No. 1 on our list, and it will take a superhuman effort for anyone to top him.”

[source: Vulture]

Should’ve been number one, without question.

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Robert Downey Jr. essentially discussed as being at the very top of Hollywood’s new A-List in this just-published Hollywood Reporter article and photo slideshow

Robert Downey Junior: Thirteen years.



  • Incarcerated at Corcoran State Prison.
  • After release, movie studios avoided hiring him because they couldn’t get the insurance to employ him.
  • Could only get television work (Ally McBeal), from which he was fired after only a few months because of yet another arrest.
  • Regular punching bag by late-night talk show hosts because of his troubles.
  • Separated from his first wife.  Estranged from his first son.



Robert Downey Jr. Tops Forbes' List Of Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actors | Forbes→

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Robert Downey Jr. ranked #20 in Forbes’ annual Celebrity 100 list.  He is the second-highest ranked actor on the list (after Hugh Jackman, who’s #11).  

He is the highest-paid actor in the business during the time the survey was conducted (June 2012-June 2013), and ranked 4th in terms of marketability.

(Source: Forbes)